Cargo Control and Accessories
Cab Rack

Sturdy-Lite Cab Racks are engineered from high strength premium aluminum alloy. Function*, durability and visual appeal are insured by our quality control as well as our “Treadbrite” finish along with custom color detailing. (Over 25 detailing colors are available.

Our cab rack is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. using prime aluminum billet that conforms to ASTM B308, B229A, and B209. All welding is in compliance with AWS D.1.2.97 by certified welders.

Cab racks can be and are designed as mud and small rock shields to help facilitate trucking operations by providing essential storage for chains, binders, cargo straps, rubber straps, tarpaulins, cheater bars, V boards, batter boards, corner protectors, coil racks, 4’ timbers, 8’ timbers and personal items.

WARNING: CAB RACKS ARE NOT A SAFETY PRODUCT! Cab racks offer minimum resistance to an impacting load resulting from a moving load. Sturdy-Lite makes no claims to impact resistance, neither stated nor implied.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSA), DOT CFR 393.100 to 393.136 states specifically that all items of cargo must be secured to the trailer. Since the cab racks are NOT installed on the trailer, but on the truck, they cannot meet requirements of 393.100 to 393.136. They specifically cannot meet 393.114 which refers to front headboards. Sturdy-Lite prohibits the use of the cab rack to meet 393.114.

WARNING: Cab racks cannot meet the requirement of FMCSA/DOT CFR 393.116. As with all 393.100 to 136 requirements 393.116 refer to securing your load to trailer. Cab racks are not to be installed on a trailer, only the truck and cannot meet 393.116. Sturdy-Lite prohibits the use of cab racks to meet 393.116.

  • Installed along side of trailer provide a secure storage are plus visual appeal.
  • Boxes are an all-aluminium construction by AWS-certified welders.
  • Various storage volumes and options.

Sturdy-Lite’s Single-door Toolboxes come standard with one stainless steel latch for widths of 24-36 inches, and two latches for 36-60 inches; boxes can be hinged & latched to open from either the top or the bottom.

Double-door Toolboxes come standard with two stainless steel latches for all available sizes. Available finishes are diamond-embossed aluminum and smooth/mirror aluminum.

Sturdy-Lite toolboxes offer all of these quality features:

  • Heavy duty .125 5052 aluminum for years of structural integrity
  • Solid-welded seams inside and out by AWS certified welders
  • Polished stainless “compression” T-latches with roller cam
  • Stainless piano hinge
  • Rain gutter with automotive rubber seal
  • Corrugated top and bottom (2 places each) for boxes over 48″ long for added strength
Tool Boxes

Winches provide a method for securing cargo on flatbed trailers and other vehicles. They make up the heart of the tie down assembly’s strength, and when combined with the durability of our Winch Straps and the leverage of our Winch Bars, you’ll have the ultimate cargo securement method in the industry. Kinedyne offers a wide variety of styles to ensure the correct winch is available for each application.

Available in a variety of different lengths to accommodate all types of loads, our Winch Straps are equipped with strong and durable end fittings that quickly and easily hook onto your vehicle’s anchor points, creating a solid and reliable grip. We have Flat Hooks, Wire Hooks, Chain Anchors, Delta Rings as well as Sewn Loops that work together with both the webbing and the tensioning device to hold down and stabilize your cargo.

Winch Strap
Winch Bar

Take a look at our wide selection of Winch Bars, each designed to provide a comfortable grip to help make your winch tie down job quicker and easier. Each of our Winch Bars feature a knurled non-slip handle for a comfortable grip along with a tapered, carbon-steel nose piece for extra strength. Many of our Winch Bars are available with either a painted or a chrome plated finish. Lightweight and easy to use, we’re determined to provide you with a Winch Bar that offers maximum comfort with maximum strength.

Ratchet Straps are one of the most reliable tie down methods in the cargo control industry, and we offer one of the most reliable Ratchet Straps. Browse our extensively detailed selection, and you’ll find the right equipment you need to get your cargo hauled securely tied down. Our high-quality Ratchet Straps with a standard fixed end length of 18 inches are so long lasting that you probably won’t have to see us for at least a couple of years. Unless you want to experience even more security, of course.

Ratchet Strap
Rubber Strap

We have a complete line of tarp straps available. including adjustable Our straps come with either un-crimped hooks (the hook can be removed) or crimped hooks (hook cannot be removed). When securing cargo, or tying down materials, make sure you are using Detroit Tarp straps, the best strap in the world.

Detroit Tarp Inc provides high-quality Chain Binders at a competitive price to help you tighten down your heavy-duty load. Chain Binders come in many different styles and are available for different sized chains. While each has its own advantages and disadvantages, all of our Chain Binders are engineered to provide heavy-duty strength needed to effectively tension your chains to create a tight and reliable hold over your cargo.

Chain Binders

VeeBoards2Go from VeeBoards® consists of 20 smaller corner protectors, stacked and strapped so they’re easy to carry. Each corner protector measures 4″x4″x11″ and is made from a durable, high density polyethylene that’s flexible, yet stands up to the elements. A slotted design accommodates a polyester cargo webbing strap so they’re great for protecting cargo that can be damaged by straps during transit; also extend the life of your straps by distributing strength across a wider area.

  • Protect your cargo from strap damage
  • Reduce insurance claims for damaged goods
  • Improve your service and company image
  • Become a leader in cargo control and management
  • Reduce the wear on straps
  • Show you really care about your freight