The Cofferdam Pipe-Loop

The Cofferdam Pipe-Loop

With a variety of cofferdam options on the market today, customers have their fair pick on how they want to control water within the work site. Choosing cofferdams such as Sheet Pile, Jersey Barriers, Earthen Dams, Sand Bags and Water Inflated Dams there is some kind of hoisting, moving or lifting required.

Detroit Tarp Cofferdam Features

Detroit Tarp Water Inflated Cofferdams have many features including fill/drain ports, internal stabilization baffle and the reuse ability factor. But a key feature that sets Detroit Tarp apart from the rest is our Pipe-loop. The pipe-loop is used during the installation and removal process when working with our water inflated cofferdam.

Using scheduled 40 pipe at the required length depending on the size of cofferdam, simply push the pipe through the loop until it is centered with the cofferdam. With heavy duty lift slings attach to the pipe at the multiple access places along the pipe-loop. You will now be ready to rig the lift sling to your heavy equipment (crane,track-hoe etc.). Each cofferdam is equipped with a Pipe-Loop at each end, this allows for easy install and removal or to move from a staging area to an install area.



To learn more about our Water Inflated Cofferdams or if you have any questions regarding our products or services please call Detroit Tarp Inc at 1-800-457-5054 and one of our experienced staff members will be glad to help you.






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