Roll On 18 Wheeler

Roll On 18 Wheeler

Detroit Tarp has been involved in the trucking industry for more than half a century. Lou Stephenson and Roy Sullins purchased Detroit Tarpaulin in 1963 where they began manufacturing, renting and repairing truck tarps. In 1963, most tarpaulins were made of canvas and there were only a few color choices. When vinyl coated nylon was first introduced, Detroit Tarp was one of the first tarpaulin manufacturers to offer it to their customers.

Polyvinyl Chloride 

Detroit Tarp strives to provide the trucking industry with quality material that will withstand the elements truckers across america travel through day. Even with extreme weather conditions our woven
materialpolyester polyvinyl chloride has been put to the test covering hundreds of thousands of trucks dealing with wind, rain, snow and heat all across the nation. We have relationships with multiple manufactures of material who do extensive testing to ensure that we get the best product to our customers everytime. Our many years of expertise in all aspects of the industry will provide you with the most cost efficient and ideal solutions to your needs.

Key Components Of A Truck Tarp

Weather you are looking for a lumber, steel or custom tarp they are all made with similar components. In most cases we manufacture trucking tarps out of the 18oz polyvinyl chloride but weights range from 10oz-40oz. The vinyl panels are hot air welded together to create a strong bond for the proper size tarp to cover your load. We reinforce the hem of the tarp with 2 inch webbing this helps prevent the ends of the tarp from being damaged when faced with high freeway winds also allowing structural support when securing the tarp to your trailer. Detroit Tarp has been in the industry for a long time and we know that not everything you haul will be the same size. We construct our steel and lumber tarps with multiple trucking-tarpplaces to connect rope or rubber straps to and Detroit Tarp offers options to meet your preferences. Our D-rings are made of  robust steel they are sewn to high strength webbing tabs and then inserted and double stitched under the high-line webbing to ensure an extremely strong anchor point on the tarp. Another option common in the industry is grommets we offer #2 and #4 brass grommets. The clean brass grommets are inserted into the tarp using a hydraulic grommet press and reinforced and backed by a double layer vinyl tab finishing with a total of four layers of vinyl offering great durability.

Trucking Accessories And Services repair-kit

We are not just a tarp shop we offer accessories too. We construct our tarps to last and handle the elements or the road but when wear and tear finally becomes a factor call us or stop in.  We offer the option for you to drop all your tarps off to be repaired by our highly qualified staff or we can send you on your way with a do it your self repair kit. The kit includes vinyl glue, acetone and extra material to best match the tarp you will be repairing. Some of the accessories we have in the factory are rubber straps ranging from 9 inches to 41 inches, 1/4 inch rope, side kit products, ratchet straps and more. Is there something you want that we don’t have? Give us a call (800)457 5054.



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