26’x26′ Snow Tarp

Snow Tarps are designed to lift and remove snow from construction sites.

Detroit Tarp Snow Tarps are manufactured using a lightweight durable polyeten,PE fabric which is  extremely tear resistant and PVC FREE.

Each snow tarp is manufactured and reinforced with double cross strap webbing for lifting support. Detroit Tarps 4 Point Snow Tarps are made using heavy duty PE webbing with (4) lifting loops in each corner that turns the snow tarp into a large bag when lifted.. This PVC FREE tarp has a lower weight than traditional removal tarps but has a higher strength and durability rating.

The top side of the snow tarp has a rough texture to help prevent personnel from slipping and falling. Snow Tarps are most commonly used during the winter months to quickly clear the jobsite from covered snowfall but can also be used as debris tarps during the off season.

Contractors deploy the snow tarps by laying them out over the jobsite to cover the surface, materials and/or equipment.

Minimize snow removal labor and project delay cost

Clear thousands of pounds of unwanted snow in minutes

Keep your jobsite safe for all personnel

Decrease setbacks due to weather events

Protect worksite and equipment

Double Cross Strap Webbing

Increase skilled labor productivity

Never use a damaged, torn, or ripped tarp

Webbing must always face down when being used

Never stand under a snow tarp that is in use

Never lift a snow tarp over or near construction workers or pedestrians

Lifting equipment ranges from using cranes, skytrax, excavators or front end loader equipment. The snow tarps are lifted to remove the snow fall from the worksite. This allows contractors to clear job sites faster than traditional removal methods like shoveling.

The use of snow tarps has been proven to save time for concrete contractors and other construction workers. During a concrete pour, contractors will deploy snow tarps over the exposed rebar before a snowfall. The snow tarp protects the fallen snow from building up in the gaps of the rebar. Once the snow fall stops the contractors will lift the snow tarps and remove all the fallen snow.