Top Efficiency For Your Pipeline Project

Top Efficiency For Your Pipeline Project

If you are responsible for managing operations, projects, safety and compliance Detroit Tarp Cofferdams are just for you. In a market where Energy and Utility Construction Companies must remain competitive, we offer a unique and valuable solution to your de-watering needs. Many times the need to de-water arises when we look at a pipeline that is in need of  repair and maintenance.

Pipelines Across America 

America depends on a network of more than 185,000 miles of liquid petroleum pipelines, nearly 320,000 miles of gas transmission pipelines, and more than 2 million miles of gas distribution pipelines to fuel our nations economic workhorse. Maintaining the integrity of these pipelines is an arduous task. To bare the weight of this great responsibility  requires perpetual up keep and virtually limitless labor hours for pipeliners everywhere. Our cofferdam stands to make your project more cost efficient when encountering water.The November 2009 floods eroded the banks of the River Derwent, downstream of Cockermouth, revealing and damaging this pipeline, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom, Europe

Sheet Pile, Sandbags and Earthen-dams are some ways to deal with water on a job-site. All of these options present a negative impact on the environment overall in comparison to Detroit Tarps Water Inflated Cofferdam. Detroit Tarps Water Inflated Cofferdam can be installed in a matter of hours utilizing a few men versus a whole staff and multiple pieces of equipment such as an earthen dam.

Contact us for more information on using Detroit Tarp Water Inflated Cofferdams on your next pipeline project.

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