DART™ -Deploy And Retract Technology, an electric landing gear actuator that is designed as a cost-effective replacement for the manual crank landing gear and improves productivity. DART will revolutionize the way fleets handle their trailer drops and hooks. Gone are the days of using a hard-to-turn hand crank on trailer landing gear.

DART is easy to use and requires little training. Order your DART automatic semi trailer landing gear actuator today or schedule an installation at our facility in Romulus Michigan!

Driver Incentives

DART raises and lowers the trailer landing gear automatically with a flip of a switch

DART eliminates driver fatigue

DART reduces risk of injury in hot, wet or slippery conditions

DART promotes driver satisfaction

Fleet Owner Benefits

DART gives you an edge attracting and retaining drivers

DART reduces workers compensation claims

DART saves time

DART's low price literally pays for itself

DART installs in < 2 hours

DART fits virtually ANY commercial truck

With DART, there aren’t many parts. This translates to simple, fast installation.
In fact, it’s designed to install in under two hours! Simple, intuitive instructions and an accompanying video are provided to streamline the entire process.

Fits virtually ANY commercial truck including straight trucks, dry van, reefer or any other work truck with landing gear.

Dry Van



Flat Bed