Water Filled Cofferdam Rental

Water Filled Cofferdam Rental

Detroit Tarp Inc and Repair Shop does not only offer cofferdam sales but we also offer water filled cofferdam rental. The rental option helps keep cost at a minimum for contractors and clients who do not normally deal with water related projects. Cofferdam rental minimizes the turnaround time to get the water filled dam to you work site so you can continue maintaining a progress during the project.

Quality Repair

Each and every time a cofferdam is manufactured and sent out for use, it is visually and physically inspected.  We at DT use the same process for repairing our rental inventory ensuring a safe and quality Water Filled Dam is the finished product. After receiving a rental cofferdam we unroll it and site any major damage, if the dam does not pass the first visual inspection we immediately take it out of inventory and dispose of it. After a water filled cofferdam passes the first inspection we inflate it with air to maximum capacity allowing us to inspect the patented internal stabilization baffle system. After the cofferdam baffle system is passed we then begin to wash the cofferdam free from foreign soil and water.

Cofferdam Field Repair Methods

When you as a customer purchase or rent a water filled cofferdam a infield repair kit is sent along with the dam. The in field repair kit consist of a small can of cleaning agent http://www.sunnysidecorp.com/product.php?p=t&b=s&n=840G5 , can of HH-66 vinyl cement glue, and extra material from https://detroittarp.com/cofferdam-flood-barrier/. The in field repair process is simple as follows,

  1. find damage
  2. cut extra material 2 times the size of the hole
  3. glue the damage area, and glue the patch material and let dry until slightly tacky
  4. stick patch over hole and apply firm pressure for 5-8 min

Cofferdam Manufacture Repair Methods

When the water filled cofferdam is returned back to Detroit Tarp Inc for rental repair or annual maintenance of a purchased product we use a different repair method. Using hot air, we weld the patch material over the damage or puncture on the water filled dam creating a strong and safe bond. This repair method will allow our water filled cofferdams to be in service time and time again and allow the purchase of a Detroit Tarp Water filled Cofferdam to be a great investment.

  (Hot Air Hand Welder)

  (Unrolling a used water filled cofferdam)

 (Washing a water filled cofferdam)

 (Repairable damage sent in from a client)






(Air filled dam for inspection)


  (Air filled dam pre-wash)

 (in field repair kit)












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