Military Style Structures
The United States invaded Afghanistan following the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.A war overseas required portable structures to provide soldiers with Living Quarters, Relief Tents, Multi Purpose Tents, Fabric Structures and Fabric Hangers.

Aircraft Hangers

Clam Shells

Maintenance Buildings

Ammunition Bunker

Emergency Bunker



Disaster Operations

Aircraft Structures up to 250ft Wide

In the field, military personnel require equipment that is reliable and tough. Structures are designed to deliver this kind of performance. They are all constructed of rugged, weatherproof components that will stand up to extreme climates and weather conditions including high wind, heavy rains, and snow.
Military Standard Conformity
All Structures are manufactured to conform to a wide variety of military and building codes for 40 PSF snow loads and 120 MPH winds. They are made of aluminum frames with flame resistant PVC coated polyester scrim made by Detroit Tarp Inc. Fabric is mildew and bacteria resistant as well as treated to prevent ultraviolet degradation. Fabric is rated for 15 – 20 year exposure and available in many colors.
Detroit Tarp
Detroit Tarp Inc. has  many years of experience in supplying all branches of the United States and overseas militaries. The bottom line is that when you do business with Detroit Tarp, you can be confident that we will perform up to and beyond your expectations.
Plaque Awarded
On July of 2009 Detroit Tarp Inc was awarded a plaque in recognition of their support for the United States Military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This plaque was presented by the President and Vice President of All Points International Distributors Inc.
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