At Detroit Tarp we know what it takes to control flood water. Headquartered in the Great Lake State and surrounded by the most fresh water in the world, we have had to protect homeowners, communities and businesses from rising flood water all over the USA. DT Flood Dams can mitigate flood damage by creating an impermeable barrier around houses and property.
Installation is 10 times faster than traditional sandbag dams and requires much less manpower. Our flood control dams can be deployed with little as 1 person and a garden hose, but we recommend using a pump 2inch or greater.
With quick connect fill ports and drain ports you can choose where you drain the water from the cofferdam and make sure you keep it away from the structure you are protecting.
100% reusable! Our flood control dams are manufactured with a mildew resistant heavy duty fabric and can be put away compact for easy storage for a later date.
DAMAGE?? If you damage the DT flood control dam you can simply repair it using our provided repair kit and instructions.
24/7 on site assistance – We know flooding can happen at any time and that is why we are here for you. Please call our 24 hour emergency number 248-345-9622 at any time and we will assist with deploying a cofferdam or team to you location as soon as we can.
Heights ranging from 1ft to 10ft tall!
Our water filled flood barriers can meet the demands of a wide variety of protection requirements and site conditions. The Water Filled Cofferdam works by filling the flood control unit with water . In conjunction with the baffle stabilization system, this creates a temporary non-rolling water-filled barrier which can control up to 75% of its height in flood water depth when filled.

Cost Effective

Rental Options Available. More Cost Effective to purchase than alternative earth- or water-filled flood barriers. Low-impact removal. No HazMat disposal fees.
Detroit Tarp’s Water Filled Dams are stockpiled and compact to minimize shipping time.

Easily Transported and Deployed

Fast Setup and Removal

Installation can take from 1 to 8 hours. Removal may take 3-8 hours. Timeframes are dependent on site-specific conditions.
Our Cofferdam can follow the curves and bends of nearly any deployment path, over uneven terrain.

Flexible Configuration

Environmentally Friendly

Designed to conform to all the requirements of the Clean Water Act.
Over 25 years of experience in flood control

Tried and True