Detroit Tarp History
Lou Stephenson and Roy Sullins purchased Detroit Tarpaulin in 1963. They began manufacturing and repairing truck tarps, along with their sons Guy Sullins, Don Sullins, and Tom Stephenson. Back then, Guy, Don, and Tom worked the cutting tables, the sewing and welding machines, and drove the delivery truck. They became familiar with every aspect of the manufacture of tarpaulins. Today Guy and Tom are still “Hands On” owners, manufacturing tarpaulins and covers for many industrial applications. Our sales staff including Jim Pinter, Dennis Trezona, Jeff Stephenson and Nick Zalewski, also have a long history in our company with over a century’s experience.
In 1963, most tarpaulins were made of canvas and there were only a few color choices. When vinyl coated nylon was first introduced, Detroit Tarp was one of the first tarpaulin manufacturers to offer it to their customers. Through the past half of a century manufacturing covers, we have continued to offer the newest fabrics available and strive to meet our customers’ needs whenever possible. Today’s technology has provided a wealth of exciting new fabric choices and we are always looking for the next new thing. Our ongoing relationships with multiple fabric manufacturers will enable us to make these fabrics available to you as soon as they appear on the market. Our many years of expertise in all aspects of the industry will provide you with the most cost efficient and ideal solutions to your needs. We look forward to doing business with you.