Snow Melt Cofferdam Flood Protection

Snow Melt Cofferdam Flood Protection

The weather has been changing drastically this 2016-2017 season and it wont be long before spring rolls around and the snow begins to melt rapidly. If your home or company is in a low land area and there is a possibility of flooding you should consider the DT Dam. Our flood protection product is easily stored to fit snug in a garage and stay out of your way, but still be rapidly available in the event of a flood.

Snow Melt Flooding

Be ready for it! Flood prevention in your home and yard is your responsibility. If the snow melts quickly, your home may be at risk of flooding even if it’s never been flooded before. In hydrology, snow melt is surface runoff produced from melting snow. It can also be used to describe the period or season during which such runoff is produced. Water produced by snow melt is an important part of the annual water cycle in many parts of the world, in some cases contributing high fractions of the annual runoff in a watershed. Predicting snow melt runoff from a drainage basin may be a part of designing water control projects. Rapid snow melt can cause flooding

DT Dam Flood Control

Detroit Tarp Inc has been in the cofferdam industry for over 20 years we strive to assist our customers with solutions for water and flood control. Our water inflated cofferdam has been used in major flood situations in Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota and many other places in the Untied States and around the World. Our compact cofferdam is easily stored and easily deployed, we offer a wide variety of filling ports any where from a garden hose application normally used by a home owner to a 4 inch connection used by fire departments and emergency response teams. We have designed our product to be a replacement, more efficient and effective method to the conventional sand bag system. If there is a risk of flooding look to Detroit Tarp Inc and protect your home or business.

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